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Standards benefit us all

Standards improve the quality, safety and compatibility of products and services. Research has shown that they improve the business of companies of all sizes and build customer confidence.

The benefits of standards are irrefutable – we would be in trouble without them

The purpose of standards is to improve safety, quality, ease of use and compatibility of products and services. Standards are all around us, but it is not often that we notice them.

Often their importance is revealed to us only when something doesn’t work because a standard doesn’t yet exist, or it is not being used.

Life might be quite difficult indeed if your bank card didn’t fit in the cash machines abroad. It would be stranger still if there were no requirements for electrical insulation, and your television set might give you a shock whenever you touched it.

To put it simply, standards are for the benefit of consumers, companies and authorities alike – they are for all of us.

Benefits of standards in everyday life

Standards make our lives safer. When you go and purchase a toaster, you will know it is safe to use because there is a standard that defines a specific testing method for the product.

Common agreements make planning easier and putting plans to action much simpler. Finding a new nut or bolt to replace a broken one isn’t a problem when there is a standard on thread sizes, i.e. a common agreement on the matter. When the same standard is used globally, a spare part can be found anywhere in the world.

Standards help companies tell their customers that their products and services are safe to use and of a high quality. In Europe, standards are used to regulate safety of toys, for instance.

Standards improve business. They make actions and operations easier to manage and more efficient. As most standards are international, it follows that exporting products or services becomes much less complicated when they conform to international standards. In Europe, for example, many requirements have been agreed upon in standards that the importer can then follow, making it unnecessary to delve into the national legislation of each separate country.

You, too, can make use of standards

You can use standards to strengthen the competitiveness, efficiency and accountability of your organisation. Contact us to learn more.

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