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Find your place in the sun. Choose to standardize!

Having trouble finding the right standard?

Contact SFS for advice and assistance with anything concerning standards. Which standards could best help your organisation? You can contact us by email or phone. Our Customer Service will give you personal advice and assistance.

How is standardization work organised?

Standardization work in Finland is carried out in standardization groups open to everyone. Groups follow and participate in the development of European and global standards on their field.

What is SFS Finnish Standards?

SFS is the central standardization organisation in Finland. Our goal is to ensure that Finnish organisations, both public and private, have an opportunity to have their say on the contents of standards, the common rules of the market.


Finnish standards – a century of supporting competitiveness

For 100 years, Finland has used standards to promote competitiveness, the functioning of society, public safety, and national security. Today, the role of standards in world trade has become more strategic and even politicised, as major powers utilise standardization of novel technologies to gain advantage over each other. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, SFS Finnish Standards continues to serve the ever-changing needs of businesses and society.

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