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SFS Organisation

The Finnish Standards Association SFS is governed by the SFS Administrative Board. The Board appoints the Managing Director for SFS and members for the Technical Board on Standardization, which approves the general principles of standardization work.

SFS Administrative Board in 2023

President of the Board

Mika Aalto, Director General, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland

Vice President

Eeva Vahtera, Head of Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Members of the Board

Taina Ahvenjärvi, Director, Finance Finland

Kim Hagström, Chief Technology Officer, Halton Oy

Timo Pulkki, Director, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT

Helena Soimakallio, Executive Director, Technology Industries of Finland

Anna Suurnäkki, Vice President, Research, Metsä Fibre

Timo Kekkonen, Managing Director, STEK

Helena Vänskä, Managing Director, SFS


Tuula Taivi, Head of Administration, SFS

Management Team

Managing Director
Helena Vänskä

International Affairs, Standards Writing Bodies and the Technical Board on Standardization
Antti Karppinen, Head of International Affairs

Coordination of Standardization Work in SFS
Elina Huttunen, Head of Standardization

Publishing and Translation
Outi Rask, Head of Publication

Customer Experience, Sales and Marketing
Hanna Michelsson, Head of Customer Experience

Finance and Administration
Tuula Taivi, Head of Administration

Karina Vikman, Head of Communications

Technical Board on Standardization

The Technical Board on Standardization approves the general principles and procedures of standardization work. In addition, the Technical Board approves national standards that are developed in Finland.

Chair of the Technical Board
Tuuli Kunnas, Head of Standardization, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT

Sirpa Sipola, Standardization Assistant, SFS